Game #6

We lost another one today. Plain and simple.

... The highlight was having Mom and Pops there to see me play today. (... the pics are compliments of pops ... )

Our defense was as tight as it had been all season ... Still, take away a couple misplayed balls in the first couple innings -- and perhaps if we were a little more aggressive on the basepaths -- we might have squeaked out a win. Instead we lost, 5-4.

I started in left field again today, but I only touched the ball once, catching a deep fly ball ...

I’m settling in at the top of the lineup, too, which is where I batted today for the third straight game ...

We were the visiting team today, which meant I led off the game today ... I worked the count and grounded to the left side for a single. I moved to second when the next batter took a walk, but I was deleted from the basepaths a couple pitches later when the third batter lined out to the shortstop, the shortstop threw to second as I dove back to the base, took a face full of dirt and was called out.

In my second at-bat, I grounded into a fielder’s choice -- the runner on second was taken out as he headed to third while I reached first base safely.

... In my third at-bat, I worked the count full before the pitcher threw one high and toward the inner part of the plate -- I felt like it was coming in on my knuckles, but I had to protect the plate. I swung, hit it off a dead spot of the bat and the ball dipped in front of the pitcher ... I was thrown out at first base, and my right hand is still ringing from the at-bat.

I could barely grip the ball when we went back into the field. And when I stepped to the plate for my fourth at-bat, it hurt just to hold the bat. A couple pitches in and I flied out to left. Though I can’t keep from thinking I might have fared better had I any feeling in my hand.

Plain and simple.

As for the other games ...
Game one: We lost, 16-4
Game two: We lost, 13-2
Game three: We lost, I was off for the weekend
Game four: We lost, 5-4
Game five: We lost, 20-9

My line so far ...
.307 avg., four hits, three walks, .438 ob%, one strikeout, three runs scored and an RBI.

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