Draft TV

From this morning's SI newsletter ...

So what was it like at baseball's first televised draft, which saw the Devils Rays take Vanderbilt lefty David Price No. 1? Well, it lacked the frenzy of the NFL or NBA drafts but it did have some elements of entertainment. "The draft was a show complete with ESPN's Peter Gammons, the commissioner, a room sprinkled with Hall of Fame players and a curious, sometimes slightly raucous crowd of maybe 300 of what we can only assume were the most die-hard of baseball fans," writes SI.com's John Donovan, on-site at Disney World. (more)

... Whatever. I didn't watch. For the same reasons. I don't watch the NFL or NBA drafts. I'm simply not interested ...

Frenzy!? Seriously. How about bor-ing? How about waste of time?

I don't and will never try to understand the people who have huge draft day parties to watch a bunch of so-called experts spout the wildest speculation they can dream. I don't care how many homeruns the guy hit his sophomore year. He hasn't even seen a Major League fastball yet. And I'm not going to hear his name for another five years when he breaks into the majors, if I ever hear his name again. At all.

And don't even get me started on the 30-minute -- or whatever it is -- wait between picks ...

I'm a die-hard baseball fan. But not that die-hard ... I'd rather read about it on a blog or in the paper the next morning, and move on with my day.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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