Sunday reading

... I was having so much fun last night, relaxing, jamming with my iPod and doing my Sudoku puzzles that Kates had to take both of them away from me and hide them so I would go to bed ...

Suddenly I was like a lost boy. Shucks.

Anyway ... Interesting and intriguing reads from the past week ...

Life & politics
a Read it here! It's hot outside! ... My friend in the journalism business, Matt, sent this to me this week as just about all of us were being sent out in business suits and ties to find out it was hot everywhere! ... even if you're not in the journalism biz, this one should have you laughing out loud ...
a Mark Patinkin: Plugging in may not be about tuning out, after all
a Resume the draft: Start in Congress ... Fun column. And only No. 7 applies to me, so apparently I don't have much to worry about ...
a Jonathan Chait: Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President? ... every time this discussion comes up, I can't help but think back to being in D.C. during August 2001 and hearing a veteran of the White House press corps talk about how easy they'd been on Bush who at that time was just a few months into his presidency. The journalist told us then, 'just wait a few weeks and you'll see the media really start to question the President.' ... But we all know what happened the following month instead and as this column points out we "were desperate to see heroic qualities in him." and before we knew it, our country was embedded in Iraq ...
a The Boy in the Chimney ... a fascinating LA Times story about a boy's body found in a chimney, where it had gone unnoticed since 1977 ...

Pop culture, media & entertainment
a YouTube Slapped With First Copyright Lawsuit For Video Posted Without Permission
a Rivers Cuomo Says Weezer Is 'Done' ... too bad. They had a really good year.
a In ‘Clerks II,’ Smith brings back same characters, same attitude ...personally, I liked 'Dogma' and 'Chasing Amy' ... but 'Clerks' still makes it ...
a Lupica Knows How To Please Young Readers ... about Mike Lupica, one of my favorite writers, and his latest project.
a Anchored in TV History ... PBS is airing a doumentary about Walter Cronkite. It sounds good ... now if I could just remember to watch it this week.
a In Bravo's new 'Tabloid Wars' reality show, journalism is the star ... looking forward to watching this one too!

Baseball & Bonds
a Tigers sharpen their claws in Chisox series
a A decade later, Rivera still dominates ... Ignoring the stats for just a little bit, I've always thought of Mariano Rivera as horribly overrated. Ok, so maybe his 2001 World Series performance was an anomaly, and maybe it's because he plays for the Yankees -- I still get sick of hearing broadcasters gush about him every time he steps from the bullpen ...
a Clutch Treat: Some players just have a knack for late-inning heroics
a Ringolsby: Quick fixes for stretch run can be costly ... some perspective on baseball's trading deadline
a Bonds avoids indictment, then injures knee
a Column: Sadly, Steroids Saved Baseball
a Ray McNulty: No indictment necessary to condemn Barry Bonds
a Prosecutors in Bonds Case Veer Toward Vendetta

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