I missed it

... I missed the All-Star game last night, I think for the first time in my life ... or at least since I was old enough to start watching MLB all-star games. Or old enough to remember watching them.

... Kates and I went down to Chicago for a show. So I set the DVR to record the game , and I had planned to try hard today to avoid any All-Star coverage so I could watch the game tonight.

... It was not to be. We arrived home last night, and I flipped on the DVR, only to see the game didn't record.

... Too bad. It looked like a pretty good game. I had to catch the coverage on Sportscenter.

* * *

... So about that show.

... Kates and I were down at the refurbished Chicago Theatre Downstairs for the premiere of 'The Big Bang' ...


The tagline:
Have you ever dreamed of getting involved in a big-time Broadway production? Join us in the elegant Park Avenue apartment of Dr. Sid and Sylvia Lipbalm as two wannabe producers, Jed and Boyd (Ben Dibble and Tony Braithwaite), try to line up backers for The Big Bang, the most expensive and lavish Broadway musical ever written. With a budget of $83 million a cast of 318; 6,428 costumes, 1,400 wigs and 302 prosthetic devices, this show will depict the entire history of the world - from the formation of the planets, to the building of the pyramid. From Napolean's France to the present . Adam and Eve, Nefertiti and the slaves, Ceaser, Mrs. Ghandi, Attila, Columbus, Minnehaha, Tokyo Rose, Eva Braun and more. Will Broadway ever be the same? Surely, the Lipbalm apartment won't!
... While the audience takes the role as the possible suitors for the show, Dibble and Braithwaite, as the wannabe producers pitching their expansive show.

Think Abbott & Costello, or Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby playing off each other in White Christmas. Or better yet, Lenny & Squiggy. The chemistry and comedy chops of Dibble and Braithwaite were striking as they threw a whirlwind of scene changes, product placements and songs at the audience, and tore apart the apartment using linens, drapes, pillows, wall decorations, fruit and more as props for their show -- only have to hurriedly put it all back when the sudden phone call came that the Lipbalms were coming home.

... the 'production' never got dull or boring, and Kates and I barely stopped laughing. Before we knew it, the 90-minute show was over ... and, in what might be the show's only downfall, we were left wanting more ...

Highly recommended.

* * *

... So Kates and I started watching the Grey's Anatomy Season One DVD tonight ... Woo Hoo!

... Episode 3 is playing as I write this ...

... Kates and I haven't missed an episode since the show started airing last year and said then that it was the new best show on television and yada, yada, yada ...

... But here we are again, recapturing the magic of the first episodes when we met Meredith, George, Alex, Izzie, Yang, Burke, Shepard, Bailey, Chief -- the whole gang. ... our newest 'Friends' on TV ...

... Not only is it fun to connect the episodes with the music Kates and I have been downloading and listening to for months (it's great stuff!), but as always it's amazing to catch all the stuff you didn't see the first time, and see the story unfold in a new light, given all the things we've learned up to the 36th episode (aka, the season 2 finale) ... like the fact that Izzie was showing her crazy side even in the first couple episodes.

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