Sunday reading

Another round of some of the more intriguing and interesting reads I found this last week ...

Life in general
a 11 "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep ... a great read for both sexes. Even better if you read it together -- and then laugh at how many you nod and say yep, 'he does that,' or 'yep, she's like that.'
a Ogling Google's doodles: Artist loves challenge of holiday logo tweaking ... this is an old one I stumbled across, but interesting nonetheless for fans of the daily google artwork.
a Greatest annoyance at work? Cell phones, employees say Why the need for collecting?

a Outfield save still fresh in Rick Monday's mind 30 years later

TV & movies
a For Amy Sedaris, the weird is weirdly wonderful
a Clip Tease: Trailers As Art
a Series of lies cloud 'The View' ... oh boy, how fun was this to watch unfold all week!?

a When Smokey sings, the audience melts
a Woodstock site rises from its muddy past
a Great year made Keane miserable
a Imogen Heap doesn’t need band for backup

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