Sunday reading

... We finally got back to playing baseball today. After three weeks of being rained out.

... And yet we nearly got rained out again this week. We actually warmed up in a light rain, but it stopped a few minutes before game time.

... Maybe we should've stayed home anyway. The game was a joke. Our worst of the season. We flat out weren't in the game.

... As the visiting team, we batted first and got one run across.

... Let's just say the other team got a few more. A lot more. ... Round and round the bases they went.

... In the meantime, their pitcher seemed to get better and better as the game went on. He struck out five batters in the first three innings -- including me.

... It wasn't until our last at-bats that we actually let go, started smiling, having some fun ... and scoring some runs. I walked and later scored, and I think we got like four or five runs across the plate. But by then it was too late ...

... I don't even know what the final score was. I do know our record is 1-4, and we need some practice. Badly.

Here's some of the good reads I stumbled upon this last week ...
a For diehard fans, a stadium sleepover makes for a field of dreams
a Milwaukee’s Prince: Cecil’s son own man in majors
a White Sox face new obstacle in Tigers

a Elmo: What a Firecracker! ... awwwwww! That Elmo!

a Buzzed-about album on deck for Hilton; now that’s hot ... hear me groaning at the thought? If you only you could see me rolling my eyes too ...
a Internet jukeboxes: Transforming an icon ... you can update the jukebox as much you want, but it's always going to be cool to play with.

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