Big Papi!!!

... He does it again!!!

... This is baseball at its best. I just watched David Ortiz blast another homerun to deep center field with two runners on, one out, in the bottom of the ninth. Red Sox win!!

Woo hoo!! ...Suck on that Yankees.

... Haven't American League pitchers learned not to pitch to David Ortiz in the bottom of the ninth when the game's on the line. ... Now as the 'Baseball Tonight' crew is showing the highlights once more and giving the anlysis, Buster Olney just compared to Ortiz to Michael Jordan in the final seconds of a basketball game: he's going to hit the shot.

Amazing. And so fun to watch!

... and by the way, kudos to Theo for holding tight and not making any dumb deals just because the Yankees flaunted their money again. Sure the Sox need pitching help, but they're still going to be in the mix ...

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