Why bother?

... So I'm watching my evening news (this is a fascinating little read ...) and I just saw a commercial for this.


... But I'll be sticking with my sleek little cell phone for talking only, thank you. And my iPod for listening to my own music collection.

... I don't understand it. Just give me the phone for talking. Don't gook it all up with these other features and charge me $200 for features I'm never going to use ...

...Then again, I didn't understand the reasonsing for putting CD players in cars, when the radio always suited me just fine ... until I got a car with a CD player.

* * *

Back to the news ...

...Has anyone else been wondering if those prophecies about the end of the world are finally coming true?

Let's see ... we've faced 100-degree heat for, well, the month of July. Gas prices are still skyrocketing, along with interest rates and the adjustable rate mortgages. Fighthing is still out of control in the Middle East. And now the media is telling us to watch out for Hurricane Chris ...

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