Not so happy Valentine’s Day

Well, our Valentine’s Day didn’t exactly go the way I had imagined.

I had written a Valentine’s Day tribute to Kates and I on the marker board that adorns our refrigerator. I had a sentimental card with a sweet passage ready to go. And I had a card picked out for Phoebe to give Kates, too, which Phoebe – as always – colored with some crayons to give it her own seal of approval.

I was going to try to beat Kates home from school and have James Taylor music playing on the iPod as we prepared for supper. Kates had plans to make one of her special meals.

Then, for the grand finale, I was going to hand Kates her card and an envelope that contained two tickets to James Taylor’s appearance at Kansas City’s Starlight Theatre in July. I wished for a James Taylor do-over a few weeks ago, and it was granted just days afterward.

None of my plans happened. Because of some circumstances at my workplace this week, I’ve been working some crazy hours and didn’t arrive home until after 9 p.m. Tuesday night. Phoebe was already sleeping in her bed, so I missed getting her excited description of her school Valentine’s party and the cards she received.

Instead Kates and I had a quiet exchange of cards and hugs on the living room couch.

It was a Valentine's Day to remember. For all the wrong reasons.

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