Life's twists and turns

A few days ago, I posted a rambling about life’s twists and turns. Little did I know then how timely that post would be. This week has served up multiple reminders of how quickly life can change.

I learned Monday morning that my Grandma H. suffered a stroke. She’s since moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility. Fortunately, she’s surrounded by family and friends and she’ll get the care she needs. Again, I'm finding myself wishing we weren't so far away.

In The ‘Ville, a beloved high school teacher and coach died of a heart attack at just 53 years old. It's rocked the town, and the school district closed all of its schools today so employees and students could attend the funeral.

And just a couple days earlier, a church friend and professor at the university, Jeff, had a heart attack. Luckily, he survived. ... For us, the scare especially hit home because we’ve enjoyed getting to know him and his wife, who lead the children's programming at our church, which Phoebe attends on Wednesday nights -- and adores. There were a couple times earlier this week when Phoebe thought of things she wanted to tell or show Jeff. Phoebe, of course, didn’t have a clue to what had happened; Kates and I could only tell her he had become sick and wouldn’t be around church for awhile.

Life is a precious thing, never to be taken for granted.

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