Late night laughs

So I finally got around to watching last weekend's Saturday Night Live tonight.

Ha-larious. I thought it ranked alongside Emma Stone's appearance as one of the top episodes of what has been a pretty good season.

The current cast is at its funniest when the guys and gals are doing impressions of pop culture icons and when SNL alumni and friends drop in. With SNL alumna Maya Rudolph hosting the show last weekend, there was plenty of both.

EW, in its review, wrote that the "hysterical and edgy episode of SNL may have been the ultimate unifier: A fusion of greats from the show’s past effortlessly blending with the new."

I laughed out loud a lot. ... Here are my favorites sketches of the night ...

Amy Poehler returned, too! ... And she stayed on after the Really!? bit to co-anchor the newscast with Seth Myers.

This sketch is worth watching just to see Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader cracking up.

And finally, I think Fred Armisen's Barack Obama impression is great. But when he melds it with an impression of Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable -- even better.

(Sadly, what this SNL-provided video clip doesn't show is the bonus portion of the sketch, which had the cast members doing a classic Cosby Show scene and Amy Poehler jumping in as Hillary Clinton. Here's the original scene, and here's the SNL clip that some guy recorded off his TV.)

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