I wish I could, but I can't

So The Shins have announced their spring tour dates. ...

Not surprisingly, there's not a Kansas City date in the bunch.

There is a date in Council Bluffs, Iowa, however. Which is about a two-hour drive north. I could do it.

But it's May 31, and here's what makes that especially interesting. ...

Baby No. 2's due date is now May 30. ... I went through this before. You may remember a certain concert around the time of Phoebe's birth.

Let's recap: Phoebe's due date was April 10. The college in K-Town announced it was bringing in Counting Crows April 12. I secured tickets with the idea that I'd go if the baby was born, everyone was healthy and all was well. Or I'd get rid of the tickets if the circumstances weren't right. ... As it turned out Phoebe was born early on the morning of April 12, all was good and I caught the Counting Crows that night with some friends. I'm still amazed at how I pulled it off.

I'm not sure I could do it again. The fact that The Shins will be playing two hours away and not across town from the hospital, as the Counting Crows had done, doesn't help my case.

So I'm taking a pass. And I'll continue to think back to what might have been my best chance at seeing The Shins.


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