Glorious fun

We've had a glorious weekend.

With temperatures in the 60s today, we did our church stuff. Then I demanded that we get outside for a walk.

I retrieved Phoebe's pink tricycle from its winter storage facility -- aka the basement. Then, Kates and I walked the neighborhood, with Phoebe peddling alongside us, and headed for the playground on the university campus. Phoebe climbed the monkey bars, slid down the slides, and swung on the swingset for what seemed like hours as Kates and I stood nearby and took it all in.

Now I've got some records on as I prepare for my mind for another week. A glorious way to end a glorious weekend.
* * *

This morning we said goodbye to Kates' parents, who arrived Thursday night to spend the weekend with us. ... To say Phoebe was happy having Grandma and Grandpa S. around this weekend is an understatement. There were some serious tears running down her cheeks this morning as they prepared to leave.

I can't say we did anything out of the ordinary or overly exciting with them here. Nowadays, any time we can visit family members, their presence alone is enough.

After they arrived Thursday night, we ordered food from a Thai food place in town that Kates and I have wanted to try for a while -- and it was good. ... Friday, Kates, Phoebe and I went off to school, but the grandparents followed and spent a little time with Phoebe in her classroom during the morning. During the evening, we dined out at one of The 'Ville's finest restaurants.

Saturday, we slept late. And in the afternoon, Kates and her mother finished a duvet cover they've been working on for Phoebe's bed, while Kates' dad and I walked to the campus for the Bearcat basketball team's regular season finale.

Going in, I knew it had the potential to be a thriller. Our team was going up against a close rival in basketball, both teams were ranked in the top 20, and the winner took the conference championship.

The 'Cats burst out to a 10-2 lead to start the game, and they held a 34-23 lead at halftime. Things looked good.

But the game got interesting during the second half. Our opponent chipped away at the lead and then, with 1:20 remaining in the game, tied the score at 63 with a pair of free throws.

Both teams battled for the lead and the game came down to a final possession for our opponent at the 15-second mark. After a timeout, the away team ran a play. Missed a jumper for the win. Missed a tip-in for the win. And the Bearcats grabbed the rebound with 4 seconds left in regulation.

I jumped so high in the bleachers that I nearly stumbled on the bench in front of me on my way down.

Our star point guard sank two free throws with two seconds left. And then it was over. Our team won the game 67-64, and "We Are the Champions" began to power through through the sound  system as the players received the conference trophy.

We hung around to watch the celebration play out and see the players cut down the nets. It was a glorious scene to witness ...

On a glorious weekend.

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