The World Series

Well, this year's World Series matchup is nothing like the way I predicted it.

Sure, I wanted the Rangers to get in, but I never expected their offense to dominate the Yankees the way it did. The Rangers set the tone for the series during the first inning of the first game and never backed down. I relished every one of Texas's run-scoring hits -- with Vladimir Guerrero's RBI-single in Friday night's Game 6 topping 'em all. When Nelson Cruz followed Guerrero with a home run, I got chills watching the fireworks light up the ballpark, hearing "The Natural" theme in the background and the fans in a frenzy  ... At least I correctly predicted the number of games the series would last.

As for the National League Championship Series? I'm dumbfounded about how the Giants are advancing and the Phillies are not. The Phils were arguably the most well-rounded team in the postseason. They seemed destined to win it all -- Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Howard, Utley, Werth, Victorino. All the Giants have is Tim "The Freak," Lincecum, right? ... Boy, did I get that one wrong.

So let's try this again. The World Series. Ranger-Giants ... I'm going with the Rangers in six.

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Meanwhile ...

The Cubs hired their new manager last week. And the winner was ... Mike Quade.

There was a part of me that was rooting for Ryne Sandberg to get the job. My favorite Cub, and one of the players I idolized growing up. I held on to hope that the Cubs might hire Sandberg, and he would be the one to finally lead them to the promised land.

But deep down, I knew Quade was the right man for the job. The way he righted the mess the Cubs were in during the last month of the season is commendable, and it's hard to argue with the players who endorsed him when it was over.

The pressure on Sandberg would have been enormous and the Cubs probably saved him some agony by passing on him for the job.

Now, about the that opening with the Milwaukee Brewers ...

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