Saturday morning and we're all sitting cozily with the VH1 Countdown playing on the TV in the background -- small bedroom TV that is; remember our living room TV caught fire. I'm scanning the morning newspapers and writing. Kates is reading. And Phoebe is running around in nothing but a diaper, carrying her juice bottle in one hand and her diaper bag, diapers and a three-inch teddy bear in the other. Her objective: to change the teddy bear's diaper with a diaper that's large enough to cover the entire teddy bear three times.

Typical Saturday morning.

That and Phoebe was walking up the stairs, calling for us at 6 a.m. So much for catching up on sleep after my long week. I fell asleep on the couch at about 10 last night, thus missing Rick Ankiel's splash home run to beat the Giants. Go Braves!

My friend Darren sent this video to me this week, featuring a cameraman's experiences filming the Red Sox. I've watched this guy's shots of home run balls leaving Fenway countless times, but his ability to catch the extraordinary hawk and moon shots is just as inspiring. Check it out.

Back to music videos.

My favorites of recent weeks go to Bruno Mars' mesmerizing "Just the Way You Are." For weeks, I've listened to girls gushing about the poetry of this song. I get that. But I also think the cassette tape art is way cool. (Here's a good read about Bruno, and an acoustic version at Chicago's WTMX.)

And if you haven't seen it yet (5,842,347 people have), it's worth watching OK Go's new video for "White Knuckles." These dudes are genius.

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