World Series off day

Ok. So the Rangers haven't exactly shown up for the World Series the way I'd hoped ... But I'm still hopin'.

Here's some amusing reads to pass the off day ...

a While You Were Away: The Giants, The Rangers, And The 2010 World Series

a Bieber to debut music video during World Series ... Terrible. Now, Kelly Clarkson on the other hand ...

a Herzog back at the World Series -- in earnings tax ads ... Political or not, it bugs me that the commercial doesn't recognize him as a hall of fame manager for the Cardinals and the Royals.

a Nation Disappointed By Great World Series Matchup ... My good friend Matt commented on this one by saying, simply, "Dead on."

a Barry Bonds wants to share hitting tips as coach ... Please, God, no. Seeing Barry in the stands the other night was bad enough.

Rangers' Cliff Lee has chance to be known as the best ever as World Series begins ... So Game 1 didn't go his way, but this is still a good read.

Saving the best for last: Joe Posnanski takes you on a thrilling ride through sports history with Thirty-Two Great Calls.

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