The football life

Phoebe got her indoctrination into football in The 'Ville this weekend ...

In The 'Ville football is a major part of life. The high school team, those lovable Spoofhounds, is a perennial state championship contender and the 'Hounds won it all last year. The college team, meanwhile, is a perennial national contender, having been to the national championship game the last five years; they won it all last year, too. Some people call The 'Ville "Titletown."

On Friday night, while Kates and I attended the a banquet at the university, we left Phoebe with some friends, who took her to the Spoofhounds game. We were told afterward that she had a grand time and delighted in standing on the bleachers while shouting, "Go Scoofy!" ... The mascot's nickname is Spoofy.

We headed to the college football game Saturday and indulged in the gameday atmosphere there. The live band at the pavilion. Tailgaters packed into the parking lots. A lunch buffet featuring pulled pork sandwiches and loads of sides. The lively pregame show with the marching band and cheerleaders ...

For the game, we settled for standing-room tickets because I was foolishly late purchasing tickets for the game against one of our biggest rivals. We watched the game from a spot on the hill behind one of the end zones. Trees blocked the sidelines and part of the nearest end zone, but we stuffed our faces with popcorn and enjoyed the experience nonetheless. After all, our team won 42-0.

The first of many football weekends to come, I'm sure.

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