Packers rejoice

Holy Cheesehead, that was a great Packers game last night!

Once we got Phoebe to bed. And I cleaned the kitchen. And I finished the laundry. And got my belongings ready for work this morning ... I was planted and riding the edge of our coffee table for the second half.

I was pumping my fists with every Brett Favre interception the Packers turned into a score ...

I breathed a gargantuan sigh of relief when the referees rightfully reversed Favre's touchdown pass to Percy Harvin, who was clearly out of bounds when he caught the pass ... 

And I rejoiced with all of Wisconsin when those final seconds ticked away with the Packers on top. You could almost see the weight being lifted off Aaron Rogers' shoulders. From SI's Don Banks ...

Rodgers was going to be judged harshly if he didn't own at least one head-to-head win over the Favre-led Vikings. Not that you're going to get Rodgers to ever admit beating No. 4 was on his bucket list.
And Favre just looked awful limping off the field. As though he was having some serious regrets about returning to play this season.

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