Clearing my desktop and consciousness of stuff from the last few weeks that isn’t related to houses, work and our transition …

* * *

It’s been a gloomy, rainy, dark weekend in The ‘Ville …

Yesterday, we nearly had a tornado swoop in. The inspector and I were standing in the kitchen when, all of a sudden, the tornado sirens began to sound. It was an odd thing, we thought, because the temperature hadn’t been that warm and the sky didn’t look very menacing. Then again, 12:43 p.m. was an odd time to be testing the sirens.

It turned out a funnel cloud was spotted near campus, but it quickly dissipated. Check out this photo of the cloud that was posted on Facebook …

* * *

I stumbled on this video a couple weeks ago. Apparently it’s made its way around the Internet a few times, but this was the first I’ve seen of it. It might make you cry …

Watch CBS News Videos Online

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A couple weeks ago, I clicked the “My Top Rated” playlist on my iPod, and haven’t moved from it since.

I have more than 5,000 tracks on that playlist and haven’t heard a song more than once in weeks. Talk about a no-repeat work day … I’ve kept it going at work, in my car, at home.

It’s been fun hearing songs I don’t hear as often as the songs I have on multiple playlists. I've heard lots of deep cuts and songs I forgot I had on my iPod.

We’ll see how long I can stay on the playlist until my desire to listen to The Shins, Guster, Death Cab for Cutie or one my other favorite bands becomes too overpowering.

* * *
We learned this week that “Mad Men” will return on July 25Can’t wait!

In the meantime, here’s a good bit from “Funny or Die” with John Hamm …

* * *
I discovered recently that I sent 224 text messages last month. Yikes. … A year ago, it was an incredible feat if I sent more than four text messages in a month.

With my new job -- in addition to taking advantage of the easy way to communicate with Kates when needed -- I’ve finally realized the benefits of texting. And I like it!

* * *

When the NCAA announced the other day it was expanding its basketball tournament to just 68 teams I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

As the plan was debated, I said several times that I’d be done watching the tournament if it expanded to 96 teams.

At least we’ll have a competitive tournament for a couple more years -- until the supposedly inevitable 96-team expansion.


Matt and Lynne said...

Thanks for the Mad Men update! I was wondering about that.

Also, I'm with you. I don't get the 3-team expansion of the NCAA's, but I am so, so glad they didn't go to 96. Watered down. It's be like the grammys.

American Idol -- can we get to Lee and MommaSox already? (Although everyone was pretty good in Twain week. Shania, not Mark.)

Hope all is well! Good luck on the job search!

Horns! said...

I hope you meant good luck on the home search. We don't want any job searches here for awhile!

Matt and Lynne said...

Home search, home search. Geez. Typing too late at night!
Although, I'm told a house search can seem like a job...