Idol clatter

Oh Siobhan.

Can’t say I’m surprised she got the boot on “American Idol” tonight. She took on a big song this week with Shania’s “Any Man of Mine” and didn’t give it the umpf it deserved. … But, boy, did I stand up and cheer when she reprised her “Think” and busted out that mother note at the end once more.

Not that I care much about what happens on “Idol” anymore. Please, let’s just kick ‘em all off and cut to the Lee DeWyze/Crystal Bowersox finale.

I’m saying that and I haaaaaaated Lee’s performance last night of “Still the One.” He wasn’t enunciating his words. His pitch sounded all over the place. It was so cringe-worthy it had me thinking about changing the channel … Yet, it seems the judges are so in love with Lee that even the most nightmarish performance would garner praise.

Michael Lynche, on the other hand, whom I stopped being a fan of long ago was totally in the zone. … Seriously. It’s about time the judges recognized Michael’s similarity to Luther Vandross. People, I’ve been saying that since the first week I heard Big Mike. No other comparison comes close … Still, I thought the judges should have let him go instead of using the save. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the top three. 

The same goes for Casey James. Hello, Bob Seger!? (Ellen was listening to me again!) Every week I hear Casey’s raspy voice, it makes me want to flip on Seger’s Greatest Hits. But that doesn’t mean I expect mighty Casey to be competing in the final.

And then there’s Crystal Bowersox. Need we say more? Nope. She’s got it made, and I loved her take on “No One Needs To Know.” Totally got the Nickel Creek vibe last night (love them!).

As for Aaron Kelley … I got nothing. He doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t think he’s been consistent enough to be “Idol” material.

This season had been mostly dreadful to watch, but I love music too much not to check in from time to time. And the only thing that will make it all worthwhile is a Crystal Bowersox win.

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