Manic Monday

There are significant, compelling, Tweet-till-your-thumbs-cramp days in the sports world where screaming headlines converge and sports-talk radio producers vehemently debate the right thing to debate on the air because so many polarizing choices exist. Then there is Monday. ~David Haugh, Chicago Tribune

What a day.

It was a Monday. It was two-Mountain-Dew kind of a day ... And I'm not going to even scratch the surface here.

I’m stuck on a Death Cab for Cutie kick. How great is the “Narrow Stairs” album!? (You want it? Buy it. Amazon.com. Look left. I'm listening to it right now.) Better yet, how sweet is the extended opening on “I Will Possess Your Heart” !?

Kates and I are still mulling our next move in real estate. My lunch break was dominated by phone conversations, texting and e-mails. To Realtor. To Kates. To the parents. To Builder. Back to Realtor. And back to Kates.

I spoke to a public relations class today. I love being in educational settings, always have. I hope the insight I offered was worth something to them.

The baseball season is officially underway. The Royals lost. The Brewers lost. The Cubs got killed … And I didn’t have time to watch or listen to an ounce of any of it. After the mentally exhausting day I’ve had -- unlike my rambling vow last night -- I’m not sure I care. After all, the excitement of that Sox-Yankees game will last me a couple days, and, hey, how sweet was it to see Neil Diamond serenading Red Sox Nation last night!? One of these days, I’ll get to Fenway.

I’d be feeling as ambivalent about tonight’s national championship basketball game if the Butler Bulldogs weren’t the most-intriguing and adorable Cinderella in the history of the NCAA tournament. After starting so well, my stake in the office pool has long been shot (I’m ranked No. 38 going into tonight). But if Duke’s up by 20 at halftime, I’ll be pressing the mute button and turning on more Death Cab.

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