A new season

What makes a dull, lonely and confounding Easter Sunday so much brighter?

Opening day baseball!

With Kates and Pheebs gone this weekend, my little apartment has felt largely empty. And after all of the excitement of having them here for five days, nothing else measures up.

Combine that with the revolving thoughts in my head regarding our next moves in the real estate game, I badly needed something to take my mind off things tonight.

Also, I've been thinking a lot about what we were doing last year.

All afternoon I was like an axious dog waiting for his daily walk. I passed the time doing some work.

When the clock struck 6 tonight, the music went off. The TV went on, and I turned the channel to "Baseball Tonight." John Kruk and the boys talking baseball. Red Sox-Yankees. Fenway Park ... Cue the angel chorus.

Tomorrow it goes full throttle, of course. And I can hardly wait for the nights of watching the Cubs on WGN, or tuning into the Cubs and Brewers radio broadcasts on the Internet ... This season, I'm feeling more compelled to follow my teams because they're no longer sitting outside my back door. Not that I ever took my proximity to them for granted, but my acces to them now is limited and I'll be wanting to take advantage of every chance I get to see them.

Who know? Maybe I'll reaquaint myself with the Royals, too ... Or maybe not.

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