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Streaming from my consciousness on recent TV …

“The Office” wedding was fantastic. … The mental picture taking was adorable. I loved the way Jim took a scissors to his tie to make Pam feel better about ripping her veil. Andy's unfortunate tearing of his, shall we say, stuff was totally uncomfortable and funny. And the opening scene with the chain-reaction barfing all over the office was one of the most HA-larious things I've seen in awhile.

And the spoof on the infamous "Forever" wedding dance! ...I watched the "Office" version again this morning, and nearly cried again. I also laughed hard again at the sight of Dwight kicking that bridesmaid in the face.

I think we’re going to be deleting “Hank” and “The Middle” from our DVR lineup. “Hank” is just lame and contrived. And “The Middle” meanwhile has so much potential with its cast – Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Eden Sher (who I enjoyed watching in “Sons & Daughters” a couple years ago), Atticus Shaffer and Chris Kattan, who is one my all-time favorite SNL alums. ... But their quirks (A kid who refuses to wear pants? Come on.) just aren’t funny. All of the mishaps and drama they have to go through are the kinds of over-the-top storylines I said I wanted to get rid of this season.

Which leaves us with …

Accidentally on Purpose.”... Never thought I'd be saying this, but it's arguably my favorite new show. It’s cute and it's the only show I’ve caught myself consistently laughing out loud.

Modern Family.” The other entry for best new show on television. Excellent cast. Amusing storylines. Great writing. Perfect.

Cougar Town.” I don't think the recent episodes have lived up to the laugh-out-loud pilot, but OK.

FlashForward.” I’m hanging on, but losing interest.

And “The Jay Leno Show.” I only watch when there’s a guest I’m interested in. It’s had some entertaining moments – including Jennifer Garner reciting the Boston Red Sox starting lineup (while wearing a backward Yankees cap), Julia Louis-Dreyfuss enduing a tarantula on her arm, and the Green Car Challenges – but mostly I just fast-forward through the monologue, watch the guest interview and then delete it.

I told you we’d only stay with a couple new shows.

Oh, and there’s always “Glee.”

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