Dave being Dave

Turns out Dave was wrong when he said he didn’t plan to say anything more about his affairs

I couldn't help but wonder how this would affect his monologues and interviews from here on out? He can’t exactly be straight-faced telling jokes about Bill Clinton or Mark Sanford the way he used to. And will guests decline to appear on his who because of this whole thing?

The Boston Globe produced a good Top 10 list of “David Letterman’s top 10 regrets.” ... The one that has kept coming in to my mind since this whole thing started, No. 7: “Being so hard on Bill Clinton in the 90s.”

Then I watched Monday night's show ... And I caught myself smiling at the warm applause and cheers he recieved from his studio audience. And in another instant he was doing his monologue and turned his jokes on himself.

"Didn't this weekend just fly by," he deadpanned. "I'll be honest with you folks, right now I would give anything to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail."

It was just Dave being Dave. And I have a feeling he's going to be just fine.

It also helped that he issued a heartfelt apology to his wife on Monday night's show. ... And Steve Martin -- who was hilarious by himself and then going side-by-side in a surprise appearance by Martin Short -- opened his spot in the guest chair by sympathizing with Dave and reminding us that he's a "human being."

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