Grading with Kates

So Kates and I were watching the World Series last night while she graded a government quiz she recently gave her fourth graders ...

Here are some of their actual answers to the questions on the quiz ... and some of our reactions in parenthesis.

Give the NAME of as many people as you can that are important in our government. Get an extra point for each name if you can tell WHY that person is important!

... Brock Obama. He is important because he is the president (This answer sent us into a giggle fit coming up with urban ways to say/spell the president's name ... B'rak Mmmbama!)

... Bill Clintent. He is the vise president and he helps the president.

... The president. He tells what's going on or something he would like to change.

What is the Bill of Rights?

... A list of rights
... It says we can do this (To which Kates wrote in her red pen, Do what?)
... A list of what is right in the world such as clean up and respect stuff.

Name ONE amendment to the Constitution. Tell why it is important.

... No slavery because people were getting very hurt.
... Slavery. It's important because it's an amendment (It's like milk. It does a body good.)
... Amendment XI is the emgemt of congress (... The what of congress?! The image? The management? The merger? The emergency?)

The Executive branch _______ the laws.

... follows
... excuses (Oh, you shot someone? That's ok. You're excused!)

Finally, after reading yet another comical answer, Kates just burst out laughing, sighed and said, "I can't."

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