Letterman's doings

I'm not sure how to feel about this whole Letterman thing.

On one side, his admitted affairs are objectionable ... On the other side, I am sorry for what he's had to go through and for having little choice but to publicly admit his wrongdoing because some jerk wanted his money.

And still, I find David Letterman one of the most interesting and fascinating characters in the public consciousness. I've long said he's at the top of my list of people I'd most want to meet.

Kates and I agreed last night: You have to smile, at least a little, at the way he handles himself in these situations. ... He goes on his show and tells it his way, weaving in cutting jokes; his delivery is amazing.

And then that's it. He doesn't talk about it further. He doesn't do interviews. He's done it again and again, and the furor over his misguided Palin joke earlier this summer played out the same way.

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