Sunday reading

It been a good, quiet weekend. How 'bout you?

The three of us spent this afternoon watching "A Series of Unfortunate Events." ... Good flick, but not nearly as good as I'd expected. I give it a three out of five stars.

Afterward, we sprawled out on the couches for naps. Good times.

Tonight, we'll watch the Oscars. Even though I don't have the slightest interest in the awards show and we haven't seen any of the movies ...

Here's some of the reads that grabbed my attention during the last week ...

Sports ...
a He really must change his tune
a A-Rod Takes Us Out for a Spin
a Rodriguez Bracing for Worst, but Hoping for the Best
a In the age of baseball parity, pitching health rules ... If this story doesn't get you excited for the prospects of a new season ...
a The Final Goodbye: Shea Rests in Pieces
a Soriano OK with moving out of leadoff spot
a Soto has tough act to follow, his own
a Closer adjusts to life with Crew

Politics ...
a The legend of FDR's first 100 days in office
a Paterson Had Staff Deny Kennedy Was Top Choice

Entertainment ...
a Chris Brown, Rihanna and the image problem
a Entertainment merger isn't music to consumers' ears ... Don't even get me started on how wrong Ticketmaster's "convenience" fees are.
a Tamer ‘Rent’ Is Too Wild for Some Schools
a The greater reality of minorities on TV

Media & the Internet ...
a Didn't you know? Facebook is forever ... A great read from my friend Raechel. I thought the hubbub last week over Facebook's user rights was way overblown for exactly the reasons outlined in this story.
a Facebook Won't Let You Remove Dead Relative's Page, Per "Policy" ... On the other hand, a family's request to have a deceased person's page removed is a request that should be honored.
a Facebook Made Me Do It ... Ok. No. 1: I'll admit I did the whole trying-to-get-more-friends-than-my-nemesis thing at first. Then I noticed how fast Nemesis was adding friends and knew for certain that Nemesis barely knew, if at all, the people Nemesis was adding. I realized how sad and pitiful that was and quickly put an end to the whole competing thing. If I haven't had/currently have a meaningful relationship with you, I'm not adding you as my friend on Facebook ... No. 4: Yeah, who hasn't done that? ... No. 5: I'm sooooo not over Facebook. I think it's a great tool and I'll promote its use to anyone willing to listen.
a You Can’t Friend Me, I Quit! ... Now this is amusing.
a The Facebooker Who Friended Obama ... In all the Facebook hoopla last week, I stumbled on this one in a "related links" section.
a How Low Will Newspapers' Ad Revenues Go?

The Onion ...
a Nation's Blacks Creeped Out By All The People Smiling At Them
a Turns Out Craig Counsell Was Actually Best Baseball Player Of Steroid Era ... This story, which came from my friend Matt, could actually be true.

Life & other stuff ...
a Who Says Stress Is Bad For You? ... Well, this is good news for me.
a GM, Chrysler don't get it ... Makes me want to scream.
a His wife died, his love didn't ... Great read, another one from my friend Matt.
a How Humans Lock Lips Holds the Key to Our Hearts ... Very interesting.

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