Sunday reading

... So we just returned from a run to Target where we looked at an amusing number of greeting cards that dealt with farting.

All things considered, it's been a good weekend. Temperatures in the 40s. The rain that forecasts were predicting never came, and we had nothing but sun. Almost all of our snow is gone ...

I got out a few times this weekend -- and didn't have to wear a jacket ...

This couldn't have come sooner. I've been suffering from a serious case of cabin fever the last couple weeks.

Here's some of the stuff that caught my attention -- and kept it -- the last couple weeks ...

Sports ...
a Super Bowl XLIII best ever? Let's not get carried away ... My thoughts exactly. Last year's battle was better than this year's, hands down.
a Positive Drug Tests in Bonds Case ... Just send him away already ... Ah, but then came this.
a Verdict on Bonds is already in ... By the way, not surprised by the news about A-Rod.
a Late-blooming slugger Kent definitely deserves spot in Hall ... The above stories do make Kent's case more compelling. But then again, who can you believe these days?
a Who will be the next Rays? ... Pitchers and catchers. Aw yeah.
a Torre’s Pinstripe Tales Lure Readers on Winter Day
a Citgroup considers backing out of $400 million naming-rights deal for the Mets' new stadium ... And people wonder why banks and corporations are in trouble. Because they've been sponsoring stadiums for millions of dollars the last 10 years! Sick.
a At Citi Field, Swinging for the (Higher) Fences
a A Manny-Pedro Reunion? ... Um, awesome.
a More insight into The Yankee Years

Music ...
a Despite iTunes Accord, Music Labels Still Fret
a Adele’s voice belies her age ... I never would've guessed she's only 20.

Entertainment ...
a Rise of Citizen Dave ... Some of the reasons I've enjoyed watching David Letterman more in these later years than ever before. The show he did after 9/11 and his post-jail interview with Paris Hilton are classics.
a Ferrell's Frat-Boy 'Bush' Freshens Broadway Show
a 'Big Bang Theory' has burst into an old-school hit comedy ... Kates and I have been watching this one since the very beginning, and it's become one of our favorites on all of TV.

Politics ...
a In the Spotlight, And Seared By the Glare ... Interesting stuff about the falls of Caroline, Palin and Blago.
a In Attack on Kennedy, Echo of a Spitzer Tactic
a Tough Times at Obama Inc.

Technology ...
a Can the Cellphone Industry Keep Growing?

Media & the Internet ...
a Dumped by Facebook? 10 etiquette rules ... Good stuff sent to me from my friend Raechel ... I don't know if I'll ever understand how some people fail to 'get' these rules.
a What's behind the '25 Random Things About Me' phenomenon? ... Another story about the random facts, this time from the Boston Globe. Obviously not everyone is so keen on the idea ...
a Oh, the Random Things We Do for the Sake of Facebook ... And here's the Washington Post's take.
a How to Friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook...Safely
a All a-Twitter: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why - all in 140 characters ... I'm delving slowly into Twitter, which I call Facebook on crack.
a Marina City Web site draws board's anger with slate of news, scandal
a Oprah Winfrey, the Chicago Sun-Times' biggest fan, would be its best backer
a Editors and Publishers in a Revolving Door
a Ex-Journalists’ New Jobs Fuel Debate on Favoritism ... With newspapers flat-lining and companies laying off, why wouldn't you go for some of these jobs?
a Why Television Still Shines in a World of Screens

The Onion ...
a Action Figure Fights On Despite Loss Of Dragon Sword

Life & other stuff ...
a Octuplet Mother Also Gives Birth To Ethical Debate

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