Heroes good-bye

Dear “Heroes” --

I’m writing to inform you that you have been terminated from my DVR effective immediately.

I want you to know I appreciate the joy you have brought me during the last three years. Like millions of TV viewers I initially was dazzled by your colorful scenery, gripping story lines and the everyday people with extraordinary abilities. Earlier this season, I also believed in you when your critics were getting more sour.

But after watching the last two weeks’ episodes, I have come to the realization that it’s no longer worth my time to watch you. The most recent episodes were so dull and full of cheesy dialogue that I found myself asking repeatedly: If this were a new show, would I keep up with it? Unfortunately, the answer is a solid no.

I made this tough decision in the interests of making some serious cuts to my TV-watching time, spending more time with my family and freeing up some of my hours to pursue other interests.

Again, thank you for your time during these last three years.


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