Letterman v. Blagojevich

You bet I watch Rod Blagojevich on Letterman last night. Typically I let the DVR do the work and I catch the show later, but last night was worth every bit of it live …

I chuckled just at the site of Blago appearing on the stage. And I chuckled even more when the band played “My Way” as Blago took his seat …

Of course, the former Gov. wasted no time going into his I-did-nothing-wrong schpeal and arguing his case -- all stuff we’ve heard coming out of his mouth for weeks.

But the real fun was seeing Letterman peck and poke at him: “The more you hear a guy say, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong,’ and the more you hear a guy say, ‘I didn’t have a chance to defend myself,’ the more you begin to think, ‘Eh…something wrong here.’ ”

Pretty much.

Watch it all here / Read a review and the transcript here.

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