Sunday reading

Kates and I spent the afternoon with her parents, marveling at Phoebe's latest milestones -- primarily her ability to roll all over the floor ...

And tonight I was holding her when she started grabbing my fingers and moving them to her mouth. Not unusual, she's done that a lot ... Only now she has teeth. She took my thumb, put it in her mouth -- and bit.

I yelped in pain and now have a pinhead-sized red mark on my thumb.

Here's some of the reads that caught my attention during the last week ...

Sports ...
a Big and Rich ... sad and true.
a The Hall of Fame Unemployment Line ... This is so fascinating to me, how times have changed these players.
a Sign of the times: Oft-injured Sheets still available ... If you ask me, Sheets is a better deal than Burnett, injuries and all. Though I'm hot surprised teams are hesitating.
a Now's not time for new Cubs owners to start thinking outside the suggestion box
a Tribune Co. departs Wrigley Field without a Cubs pennant
a Wrigley Field's deficiencies obstacle for next Cubs owner ... Yes, there's a lot of things that need fixing. Just don't turn Wrigley in the spaceship that is now Soldier Field.
a Thank you, Kerry Wood
a Insider’s View of What Went Wrong in the Bronx
a Kent calls it a career after 17 years in baseball ... I never paid much attention to Jeff Kent, but this story struck me.

Politics ...
a Oath of Office Is Administered Again ... I found the hub-bub over the Oath of Office totally amusing last week, and that Barack Obama had to take it -- again. For good measure.
a Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages ... This would drive me CRA-zy.
a I Wish You Were Here ... Good stuff on the people who helped 'the change' but weren't around to see it. From the ground anyway.
a Barack Obama's election is a joyful and historic time
a Woodstock Without the Mud
a More Than Charisma
a The BlackBerry accord of 2009
a If Obama Grows Old Before His Time, Stressed-Out Cell Tips Might Be to Blame ... This is fascinating.
a Two Faces of Obamamania

Music ...
a Taped Inaugural Music Is Live Issue ... Some good points raised here that I completely agree with. But, in Tuesday's cold case, I don't blame the performers for going with a recording.
a The Frigid Fingers Were Live, but the Music Wasn’t

TV ...
a Miss America: Does anyone care? ... If you ask me: Nope. I can't remember the last time I've watched.
a John Krasinski: Success after a ‘Hideous’ start

The Internet & media ...
a Free press, with profits
a Let’s Invent an iTunes for News ... This is genius.
a Design Magazines Find No Shelter From the Slump
a That Shrinking Feeling: Time, Newsweek Narrow Their Focus
a In Facebook age: Jobless, but not friendless
a Katie Couric in no hurry for change
a Melding Obama’s Web to a YouTube Presidency

The Onion ...
a Hey Man, You Got A Second So I Can Fire You?
a Obama Inauguration Speech Ruined By Incessant Jackhammering

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