Learning new things every day

So I learned yesterday that Kates has never been to a Showbiz Pizza or Chuck E. Cheese … (What kind of deprived childhood did you live!? I teased her … I’m not into video games, she said. … It’s not just video games! It’s the dancing bear, and the band, and they sing Beach Boys songs! … She giggled at my childhood reminiscing. )

I also learned yesterday -- as we spent the day enduring the freezing temperatures to catch some post-Christmas sales -- she’s never heard the phrase “It’s boo-boo!” to describe cold weather … (It’s a phrase my parents used all the time and we eventually came to the conclusion the phrase might have its origins in my mother’s native Sheboygan, aka, “Sheboyganese.”)

And I learned today she’s never seen “Independence Day,” one of my favorite movies of all-time …It’s heart-warming, it’s funny, it’s action-packed and it’s got a great cast! I told her. … I have it on a VHS tape. We’re so watching it.

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Stephanie said...

The first time Joel said the word "boo-boo" for cold, I must have given him a bad look because I've never heard it from his mouth again.

Uh, and I LOVED Showbiz as a kid.