Lost and found

Ah, “Lost.”

By the time we got to watching last night’s mega season premiere it was past 9 p.m. -- two hours after it actually started … But that’s just one of the many reasons we love DVR. Plus, we could fast-forward through the commercials …

Kates and I stopped everything we were doing to zone in. (We also ditched “American Idol” – for the second night in a row! Whoah, this could be serious.)

Typically, the two of us are watching our TV shows mixed with some serious multi-tasking; she grades papers and I’m usually writing or surfing the ’Net … Although, for the record, Kates didn’t make it through the prelude / recap episode that ABC showed before the premiere. She gave in and was in bed by 10, while I stayed up to watch the whole three hours worth; Kates will have to catch it tonight while I’m on assignment …

But let’s cut to the chase. I loved the premiere.

“Lost” has a knack for opening every season with some mind-blowing scenes that unleash a whole new branch of mysteries and lay the groundwork for the new season at the same time … I caught myself wearing an Aw yeah! smile again last night as the scientist guy took a seat in some Dharma studio to film one of the orientation videos we’ve seen so much, and I caught little details like the alarm clock sounding at 8:15 or the infamous blue van pulling up to a Dharma station … (Read: The geeky side of “Lost”)

I’m also really intrigued and glad to see Faraday becoming a pivotal character in the emerging storyline … And I loved the out-of-nowhere appearance of Ana Lucia. Totally didn’t see that coming. Ah, Ana Lucia.

Looking back, the whole 70-hour deadline thing seemed a little too “Heroes”-esque. Sun’s starting to creep me out. Totally knew that Neil dude was going to die. But totally didn’t realize the Charlotte-being-erased thing until now. I thought Juliet's and Sawyer’s attackers might be original Dharma members. And I really sort of dug Hugo’s confession to his mom, along with the fact she said she believed him. And for goodness sakes, somebody find Sawyer a shirt!

EW’s TV Watchmy absolute favorite destination for TV reviews -- mentioned Jack’s “over-emphasis on needing to protect those left on the Island” and how they're virtually protected on a disappearing island … Sure, I got that vibe too, but only for about the minute before I started thinking Well, if this is also a time-traveling island than maybe Jack is subconsciously aware the Left-behinders could go back in time and be killed off with the rest of the Dharma Initiative … But then Faraday started spouting about how the past can’t be changed …

Ah, “Lost.”

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