American Idol

… So I wasn’t sure going into tonight’s “American Idol” whether to be excited or apprehensive about the idea of embarking on another season of the two-hours-a-night, three-nights-a-week, emotional roller coaster and time-sucking marathon that is Idol …

Plus there's this thing with this new judge -- Kara Who, or whatever. And all the tinkering.

Seriously. How could we not tune into the hottest show on television!? We’d never survive these long, cold winter nights otherwise.

The opening montages and glorious images from season’s past (ah, the crying girl) at the top of tonight’s premiere lit smiles on our faces. And my goodness, the home video of those tween girls reacting to David Archuleta’s loss last spring -- it was only the beginning of a night loaded with good belly laughs. Geez, those girls are probably still crying …

We saw long-haired, bandana-wearing rockers crying after a wimpy performance of “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Afro-bouncing, tap-dancing Michael Jackson wannabes. Pink-cowboy-hat-sporting songwriters. And a health does of Simon Cowell eye rolls.

My props for the night got to Deanna Brown singing “Dock of the Bay” (Hello, Amanda Overmyer), Emily Wynne singing Heart’s “Baracuda” and Stevie “After Nicks” Wright singing Etta James’ “At Last” …

You also had to love Scott Macintyre walking into his audition, sight disability and all, and putting out a golden rendition of Billy Joel’s “So It Goes.”

But our favorites of the night was 16-year-old goodie girl Arianna Afsar singing Corrine Bailey Rae‘s “Put Your Records On.” Said Kates: “She’s cuter than a button.”

Bikini Girl? Not even going there … But for the record, Kara’s version was better.

And I'm really liking Kara DioGuardi as the new judge.

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