SNL on Sunday afternoon

Favorite sketch on “Saturday Night Live” last night: The Digital Short featuring host Neil Patrick Harris playing a whimsical take on the theme song of “Doogie Howser, M.D.,” with an orchestra comprised of the SNL cast.

Our eyes were welling up with laughter as we watched the sketch play out …

And then the end arrived and the camera closed in on Neil Patrick and a tear streaming down his cheek.

Talk about ending on a high note. I loved it so much I pumped my first in the air when it ended … It's gotta rank among my favorite Shorts with “D*** in a Box” and Peyton Manning's United Way promo.

Kudos also to Kristin Wiig for her spot-on impression of Kathie Lee Gifford. Kristen Wiig is taking hold of the void left by Amy Poehler.

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