Sunday reading

... Some of the reading that caught my attention during the last week ...

Baseball ...
a After Yankees' 'insult,' Torre in a golden state with Dodgers
a Hey, Chicago, whaddaya say, let's fix 'Go Cubs Go' today ... I'm not totally agreeing, but he raises some good points.
a Fan embraces spud as chance to break curse
a Did the Cubs ever have a live mascot?

Politics ...
a The 3 A.M. Call
a Speak correctly, or build a big bunker ... Kathleen Parker's follow-up to her column last week.
a Who's to blame for the bailout's defeat?
a Palin picture packs 'em in
a If Obama wins presidency, then what?
a Lobbyist Hired by Freddie Mac to Work on McCain Is Now Senator's Aide
a Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain ... "2008 election is now an Obama-Palin race about 'the future,' and the only person who doesn’t seem to know it is Mr. Past, poor old John McCain."
a Bring on Tina Fey
a Report: 60 Million People You'd Never Talk To Voting For Other Guy ... From The Onion. I like the way the story is written without ever mentioning "the other guy."

Media ...
a With Brokaw as Elder Statesman, NBC Plans Future of ‘Meet the Press’
a Death of a Lively Newspaper

Entertainment ...
a Pitch-perfect take on a '60s oddity
a Jackson Browne is still running, but hardly on empty
a 'I'm pretty sane about my insanity': Carrie Fisher shares painful and funny stories about her stardom
a The movie before the movie ... Love the opening sequence in "Juno." The opening credits of "Catch Me If You Can" is a good sequence too.
a A Cappella Dreaming: 10 Voices, One Shot ... In case you missed it, this is the one that started it.

Travel ...
a D.C.'s Union Station celebrates 100 years of train travel

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