Glory days

... So I finally got around to watching last week's Heroes today.


I'm really liking evil Sylar as good guy Gabriel ... It also occurred to me that I don't miss Micah and Niki at all, but somehow the writers managed to keep Ali Larter around by inventing Niki's twin Tracy. ... And speaking of Micah, whatever happened to that girl he hung out with last season who could learn stuff by watching it on TV? Did she get whacked and I've just forgotten it? ... Stupid strike messing everything up.

What's more interesting is my old acting mate Adam Craig popped up on last week's episode of Heroes as an assistant who delivered some information to Nathan. I told him it was good to see him showing his Kansas City roots with a Sprint cell phone ...

As for this week's episode, I think Maya needs to go the way of Niki ... and Vortex guy?! And the big reveal that Parkman's father is out and playing mind tricks on the heroes!? Whoah.

( ... By the way, this week I wrote a preview about a local theater group producing "Little Shop of Horrors." It gave me an urge to listen to a musical soundtrack and I pulled out "Wicked." ... Now I can't bring myself to turn it off. Good stuff...)

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