One round down, two to go

... One of the best headlines I've seen in awhile came courtesy of The Boston Globe this morning: "Halo, goodbye."

Pretty much. I could've predicted the Dodgers thumping the Cubs, but the Red Sox beating the Angels in four games is one outcome I did not see coming ...

And yet, it was arguably the most exciting of the four divisional series, especially with Sunday night's 12-inning marathon that the Angels won to stay alive. Last night's game -- no argument needed -- was the most exciting game of the post season with the Red Sox winning the game, and the series, in the bottom of the ninth. Watching Jason Bay slide into home past Mike Napoli's tag was classic ... and that was after Jason Varitek got Reggie Willits on the botched squeeze play in the top of the inning ...

So both the Cubs and Angels are done. The two teams who ran all over their leagues this season and I figured to make a classic World Series matchup: gone. Go figure.

On the bright side, two of my predictions were right on -- Rays in four over the White Sox and Phillies in four over Brewers. Thank you very much.

So here's my predictions for the league championship series: Rays over the Red Sox in six and the Dodgers over the Phillies in, oh, let's say seven. The latter is going to be an awesome matchup of historic proportions.

Though a Red Sox-Dodgers World Series would be pretty huge too ...

And for the record, I don't think I'll ever understand why teams break out the champagne after winning a division series. Seriously guys, save it for something that really matters. Like when you win the league championship.

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Meanwhile, the next year talk has already begun for the Cubs ... Rick Morrissey remembered the good times this morning ...

Come with me now on a nostalgic journey back to a magical time for Chicago baseball fans.

George W. Bush was president, a gallon of gas cost $3.65 and a government bailout of the financial industry was in the works.

You know, the middle of last week.

The Cubs and
White Sox were getting ready for the playoffs, the first time since 1906 that both teams had made the postseason in the same year. Optimism was extremely high.

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And the Brewers -- you betcha I think they can make a serious run at signing CC Sabathia. The big time media has been quick to write Sabathia out of the Brewers' equation for next year, but given the way the city embraced him this year and the team's resurgance, I'm optimistic that's reason enough for CC to consider resigning ...

As for Ben Sheets, I think any team would be foolish to sign him to a fat contract given his injury problems. For that reason, I wouldn't be surprised if he stays in Milwaukee too.

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