Bad medicine

I’m still battling this cold. But don’t worry -- I’ve been chugging the medicine and I’m on the back end of it now, I know it. It’ll be gone tomorrow.

But that’s not why I’m writing this …

This one’s almost as good as the morning I put on mis-matching shoes

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I reached for my next dose of cold medicine … and accidentally grabbed the “night time” medicine. Before I realized my mistake, I’d already downed it …

Thanks to my mistake, I could barely keep my head from crashing into my keyboard at work …

As soon as I could take my lunch break, I was out of the office and crashed on our living room couch to sleep it off.

After I ate my lunch, I took another dose of cold medicine -- and made sure it was the “daytime” medicine.

Oh, and it was snowing this afternoon. Halloween hasn't arrived yet, and we've seen snow ... Our friend Tiffany says I need to pretend to like it so Phoebe can learn to be excited when it snows.


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