Sunday reading

Some of the headlines and stories that caught my eye this week ...

Life, history & politics
a From Here to Eternity
a Happy 50th, Helvetica
a A Law Day Unto Himself: Beyond Presidential Power, What Is Bush Upholding? a Obama reaches out with tough love
a I'm sorry, Barack, we're through: Obama may make a good president, but he's a bad MySpace friend. ... I decided to cut him loose from my Space for a short time this week too, after hearing and reading about this ...
a Pastor: Stop Complaining ... a rule to live by.
a Need It or Want It? ... Fickle consumers' constant itch to refresh and remodel their homes keeps the makers of toilets, cabinets, countertops and more in business, which in turn helps keep the economy humming. Never mind if many of these things do not need replacing.
a Tall building with a twist: Calatrava design carries Chicago's lofty aspirations
a 70th Anniversary of Hindenburg's End

a The Dignified Slugger From Mobile
a Brewers giving fans reason to believe

a In Depth, and in the Elements: Weather Channel Marks 25 Years on the Nation's Radar Screen ... Hey, it's my mom's favorite channel. And Kates and I now find ourselves tuning in regularly too.
a Special reveals how 'SNL' got its 'schwing!' back in '90s

a Britney Spears swirls up another flash in the pan

a Sony spins Web to pitch Spidey ... I didn't see Spider-Man 3 this weekend. And I probably won't see it for awhile ... The fact is I was turned off by the first one. I saw it in the theater, thought it was a bland film with less-than believable computer graphics and special effects (believe it or not, I've read similar reviews about this third installment, now five years later), and I haven't looked back ...
a Take a dream and bake till golden: In 'Waitress,' a zany and touching film by the late Adrienne Shelly, a server takes out her life's frustrations by creating luscious pies.
a For 'Waitress' actress, pregnancy is a way of life ... More on Keri Russell, who, by the way, was pretty good in Scrubs the last couple weeks ...
a Show house: Let outdoor movies light up your yard

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Scrubs rules!
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