Idol chatter

Thoughts on tonight's American Idol ...

Phil rocked “Blaze of Glory.” Bon Jovi told the Idols to own the songs, and he did it. Boy did he ever. And I’ll echo Randy and Paula: It was Phil’s best performance and the best opener of the season.

Jordin sang “Livin’ on a Prayer.” I’m thinkin’ she’s gonna need a few prayers to survive this week. It was too bland … But God bless her for being so candid and honest with herself.

But even as Jordin toughed it out, Kates and I remarked that the soul girls, Melinda and Lakisha, might have a tougher time. Kates even said, “Yeah, I’m a little scared to hear Lakisha.” After all, she’s been on the verge of getting knocked out the last couple weeks too …

Then Lakisha pulls out “This Ain’t A Love Song.” … And she’s back! … And that kiss with Simon!?! That was priceless.

Blake took the risk by changing up “You Give Love A Bad Name.” But he didn’t butcher the song, either. In fact, he played it perfectly. He stayed with the signature melody, and chipped in his own beat box twist, which he hadn‘t done in a few weeks. Smart kid ... True, half the audience probably loved it, and the other half hated it. Count me among the ones who enjoyed it.
Chris. “Dead or Alive.” I’ve never really liked the song. Never really liked Chris.

Melinda. “Have A Nice Day.” Totally Tina Turner.

...I'd be surprised if Chris doesn't get voted off tomorrow night. Lucky for Jordin, she's put together a strong enough run the last few weeks that her fan base is growing. Unfortunately, I think Lakisha's fan base is fading ...

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