Idol chatter

... Kates and I watched Part I of the American Idol finale last night ... Whatever. I miss Gina.

... Jordin is my pick to win it all. How can she not after, in Simon's words, she "wiped the floor with Blake" during the last performance ... (watch it on YouTube...)

... Then again, how could Blake not lose. Don't blame him more choking on his last song -- that "This Is My Now" song was awful. The melody was all over the place and the chorus was so cheesy it was giving me a migraine. I survived hearing it the first time, but having to hear that melody a second time -- Jordin's heartfelt vocals aside -- was like someone was taking a hammer to my head. I was having visions of those poor winning songwriters burying their heads in their seats in embarassment. It was awful, dudes.

Too bad too. Blake wiped the floor with Jordin on his re-do of "You Give Love a Bad Name."

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