Sunday reading

Some of the headlines and stories that caught my eyes last week ...

Baseball ...
a Turbulent Heir: Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder may look like a chunk off the old block, but he's determined to prove that any resemblance to his father, Cecil, ends with his prodigious home runs
a Milwaukee's Other Masher: After an injury-shortened 2006, a healthy J.J. Hardy is the surprise NL leader in home runs
a Something's Brewin': Fast-starting Milwaukee has history on its side
a The man with the details: Ex-clubhouse attendant may 'blow lid off' steroid saga
a Bud's big dilemma: Watch Barry or not

TV ...
a Jack Coleman shows the power to survive on 'Heroes'
a Salvation through changing the past
a In 'Flashpoint,' CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier recounts the aftermath of the Baghdad bombing that injured her and killed 4 others
a American Idol: A night full of good feelings, but for Jordin, this is her now
a For 'Brothers & Sisters,' politics isn't off limits
a 'Bionic Woman' gets a makeover

Life & other stuff ...
a Coming back from a big loss: Eight years after a deadly attack, former Gardena football star clings to the memory of a fallen friend and understands that satisfaction in life often comes from the simple things.
a High-tech TV upgrades will create low-tech trash
a Hollywood's problem with addiction
a On the Hill, a Heap of Trouble
a Wild Generalization X: In Details, a Hilarious Screed on Turning 40 and Not Loving It

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