Thursday night comedy

... Great TV tonight!

The Office was faaaaaaan-tastic! ... Watching Dwight crash into the back of Jim's seat might have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen on The Office. I couldn't stop laughing for minutes!!!

Scrubs about as funny as it's been in awhile too ... Seeing a pregnant Jordan stomp down the hospital corridor a la the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was HA-larious!

... and it's good to see Grey's Anatomy has finally got its mojo back after the train wreck that was Izzy's mind-out-of-body experience with Denny. Meredith and Shepherd are back to being dreamy and fresh sparks are flying... Though Izzy is still slightly crazy for not cashing that multi-million dollar check of hers. Get over it already! When she was telling crooked spine girl about her bad fortunes and said her "finace dropped dead" I couldn't keep from rolling my eyes and thinking yeah, you're fiance for like, what, five minutes!?! ... and now, what the heck is Addison thinking, falling for Karev. Watching them almost kiss made me squirm almost as much as seeing Meredith and George making out last year ...


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