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Random thoughts on tonight’s Idol

Somebody needed to punch Ian Benardo and knock him into reality …

... I looooved that spunky Rachel Zevita, the opera student who looked like she was 12 years old. She belts out some Jeff Buckley, seals it with a little bit of "Get Here" and then sings some opera just for kicks at the judges' request ...

... God bless Sarah Burgess, who, in my mind, gave the most heartfelt audition of the night -- sobbing in front of the cameras as she told about lying to her father and skipping school so she could go to the auditions in New York to try following her dream. Then she gives a stand-up-and-clap-your-hands performance and punches her ticket to Hollywood.

... Then there were BFFs/hot chicks Amanda Coluccio and Antonella Barba. But don't let their looks fool you -- these girls could sing ...

... "The Days of our Idols" soap opera, violin music and all, featuring the desperate Ashanti was HA-larious!!

…And what’s with the half dozen Idol wannabes singing Selena's “Dreaming of You”!?! … and most of them were guys! I mean it’s a sweet song, but put on some pants men!

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