Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! … Here’s hoping 2007 isn’t as stressful as 2006

… Kates and I played it low key tonight, skipping our usual celebrating in Chicago and instead settled in for a quiet night at home with the Packers, Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark

… There was something about watching Brett and the Pack during their opening drive tonight that had me thinking this was going to be a special game. The Green Bay offense was gelling (the Bears certainly were not …) and the defense was capitalizing on key opportunities. Favre was completing passes, and his receivers were making the grabs, like that unforgettable night a couple years ago after his father’s death …

Then came that post-game interview -- which the local stations, of course, couldn’t seem to get enough of as they played it over, and over, and over during their postgame coverage … You knew the question was going to be asked; it was only a matter of whether the reporter was going to show sleaze or class in asking it. It proved to be the latter and Andrea Kremer, I thought, did a masterful job of asking the questions, pacing them and being patient with an emotional Favre …

Despite the “supposed” tearful good-bye, the question seems to be looming even larger now. Will he, or won’t he, return for one more season?

Yes, after the disaster that was the 2005 season, I was one of the people hoping Favre would not come back for another season … That was then. Given Favre’s performance tonight, and the resurgence of the team this fall and some top-notch young talent, I’m actually sitting here and hoping Favre does return. And if the Pack does good on the rumors swirling about a pursuit of Tony Gonzalez

Well. Next year could be very, very good …

And if Favre doesn't return? Well. Tonight's game was the perfect way to say goodbye ...

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