Sunday reading

... What a weekend.

... Fun with the parents and my famously entertaining extended family. My cousin got married. It's always nice to just drive -- and listen to good music. The Badgers won. The Chiefs lost. The Cowboys lost (... please God, let it mean that ESPN will finally get over their obsession with Bill Parcells, Terrell Owens, Tony Romo and anything associated with the soap opera that is the Dallas Cowboys ...). There's nothing like letting loose and just dancing. And there's few things more special than dancing with my beautiful wife. I love sleeping at hotels -- especially nice ones. I wished my brother and his wife could've been there. It was good to see Grandma and Grandpa once more because you never know ...

... Here's some of the good reads I caught this past week ...

a A Brief Life, an Enduring Musical Impression
a Balancing Music Hype With Mere Noise
a Music blog lays claim to ultimate critics’ poll
a The Year in Pop Music
a YouTube: Get it while it's hot
a Eight Reasons Bill Cowher Is Leaving the Steelers
a Want to respond? Don't even go there ... a friend in the biz sent me this Tribune column. It's a classic.

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