Sunday reads

Study: Fewer News Stories Offer Any Depth ... yeah.

Conan O’Brien to devote show to Finland trip ... Kates and I had this show on our DVR and watched it earlier tonight ... HA-larious!

Found by ‘Lost’ ... To hear Evangeline Lilly talk, her path to stardom on the hit series 'Lost' was almost beyond her control.

‘Amazing Race’ host enjoys globe-trotting role ... 'Amazing Race,' and Phil, of course, -- Rocks!

It’s Not Just Popular, It’s Infectious ... uh, ya think!? ... I've been saying this since the new 'Grey's' season began last fall -- it's the new 'Friends.' The cast and the chemistry among the cast is arguably the best on TV right now ...

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Chris B. said...

I found that story on the depth of the news to be pretty thin.

Apparently, Tom Rosenstiel believes the future of television news is governed by this complicated equation:

Excitement = Blog

Holding that, I offer this proof that Horns(!) is the next big thing in TV news:

Excitement = Blog
Blog = Off the Top of My Head
Head = Horns!
Horns! = Excitement