The Selig establishment

This today from SI-Extra. I couldn't have said it better myself

The reckoning is here. That's what senior writer Tom Verducci says about baseball commissioner Bud Selig in a Scorecard essay this week following Barry Bonds's portrayal as a serial steroid user in the book Game of Shadows. "For all the good Selig has sowed-the wild card, interleague play, revenue sharing, the first labor deal without a work stoppage, the growth of advanced media such as MLB.TV and the cool straight-out-of-the-box World Baseball Classic-his term will be defined by what he does with Bonds, just as Fay Vincent's was by George Steinbrenner, Bart Giamatti's was by Pete Rose, and Judge Landis's was by the Black Sox," Verducci writes. "What happens after the commissioner reviews the evidence is what defines Selig's conviction. He could suspend Bonds-a possibility, according to those close! to Selig-knowing the issue could wind up being decided by arbitrator Shyam Das. That would put the players' association in the position of defending a steroid cheat who dropped out of their licensing program. Bonds, the union would argue, could not be subject to penalties for
steroid use before 2003 because no penalties existed, and he could not be subject to any since then without a positive drug test. Selig, however, would be suspending Bonds not for a violation of the drug policy but for conduct detrimental to baseball. Whether Das would uphold the suspension is almost incidental to Selig's establishing an official condemnation of Bonds, tantamount to an asterisk next to his home run total."
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