Sunday afternoon

... Forget the NCAA Tournament! ... How 'bout the World Baseball Classic!! What a finish by the USA today versus Japan!

* * *
We're not watching our usual Sunday night lineup of TV as I'm enthralled with the Baseball Classic on ESPN and Kates is upstairs working on school work ... But God bless the DVR and 'West Wing' which begins its finale countdown tonight ... can't wait to watch it all unfold!

* * *
Baseball reads
a Clemens reportedly will retire ... for now
a Derrek Lee headed for big payday
a Jim Leyland wants to prove himself again in Detroit

... and in other news
a Salukis' cheerleader expected to make full recovery ... I'm not sure if I cringed more at the sight of her falling to the court or her doing cheers as medical staff carted her away on a stretcher. Call me insensitive, but I found the whole thing -- not to mention all the attention she's garnered this past week -- incredibly cheesy ...
a Bradshaw Bares All for His Latest Film ... looking forward to it -- the film, that is.

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